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Corporate Finance

Team (Allmost All Degrees and Certifications, Recognised and Authorised for signing off ) of Professionals with 400+ years of Hands-On experience with over all Volume Handling of almost 2 lakh crores (green field of 30-40b USD in 50+ industries. capabilities in
✓Corporate Finance,
✓Funds Audit and Monitoring,
✓Credit Monitoring,
✓Automation, GPS, SCM, BFSI, HR,ECOM
✓Markets Trading
✓Commodities – Energy+ Ferrous+Non Ferrous + Bullion + Agri+ MM Treasuries
✓Green, Brownfield
✓Management Audit
✓Forensic Audits
✓Horizonal Advisories and Strategies
✓Association with Venture, Private Equity, Growth Funds, Merchant Bankers
✓ International Trade
✓ Hedging
✓Trade Finance ILC, FLC, BC,SC
✓ Correspondent Banking Lines