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Family Floater

A family floater policy, as the name recommends, offers to give medical coverage to the whole nuclear family in a solitary approach. Now and again, this policy can likewise incorporate relatives past the family unit of guardians and youthful kids, similar to grandparents. A floater policy resembles any wellbeing plan that accompanies a rundown of advantages and rejections, the main contrast being that it thinks about the whole family as one unit. So in the event that one individual from the family makes a case in an approaching year, the cover lessens by that much on the whole unit or family for the rest of the strategy year.

Documents Required for Family Floater

  • The claim form which needs to be filled with relevant details, signatures and finally be submitted.
  • All the original hospital bills, with stamps and signatures from the hospital has to be submitted.
  • The original discharge report has to be submitted as well.
  • All other originals reports related to the treatment (including medicine bills and investigation reports) has to be submitted.
  • The future line of treatment as well as follow-up check-ups by the relevant doctor should be sent as well.
  • If seeking treatment in a non-network or unregistered hospital, you need to get the details of the hospital on the official letterhead that includes the number of doctors, nurses and beds available.