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Group Personal Insurance

Group Personal Accident Insurance is a policy issued to a group of individuals by an establishment or association. Maybe the most imperative motivation behind group individual mishap protection is to give exhaustive monetary insurance against weighty costs acquired because of disablement or demise coming about because of inadvertent damage.
Group individual mishap insurance proves to be useful for bosses who are continually in a post for approaches to shield their workers against specific dangers that can cause passing or perpetual disablement. The item is accessible for both the representatives and board or proprietor of an organization. The expansive range of advantages offered by Group Personal Accident designs assume a vital job in any salaried person’s life

Documents Required forĀ Group Personal Insurance

  • Application form for authorization and cashless service
  • Any form of investigations being carried out
  • Any form of ID proof of the patient
  • Treatment details of the patient
  • Notes and prescriptions provided by the doctors
  • A summary of the discharge and along with mention of the complete treatment
  • breakdown of the final bill along with all components mentioned
  • Compilation of all the investigations and diagnosis that the patient underwent